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Lenox name is inspired to the speed, resistance and sharpening of wolves teeth, animals that long time ago were living on Scottish hills near the western side of the Loch Lomond, home of the Count of Lenox. Lenox is a leading specialist in metal cutting equipment, such as tungsten carbide, bi-metal and carbon bandsaw blades.
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RI.F.STAHL was founded in 1975. The company has been operating in the sector of disk and band saws and today is a leader both in Italy and abroad. Today we can meet any cutting needs thanks to a close cooperation with the best manufacturers in the world and a team of technicians and specialised staff.
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Kanefusa supplies cold sawblade for metal processing and other cutting tools for various materials. The company have been focusing of producing industrial machine tools since 1896. Kanefusa's philosophy is to respond flexibly to ever-changing needs, developing high value-added products.
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